Free shipping on all orders inside the United States in 7 to 14 Days!
Free shipping on all orders inside the United States in 7 to 14 Days!

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I started Quasify in 2017 because Whiskey, my favorite liquor, needed a site for afficionados who like it, share it and enjoy it without pressure.
This is why i first started the blog The Quasify Life, to share knowledge, fun facts, cocktails recipes and so on. 
Along the way, I found other people as passionated as I am and we decided to launch our own brand. The Quasify Shop is here to offer premium quality products, whether they are made to improve your whiskey experience like decanters, or simply to share your interest in a fun way with tshirts, tote bags, smartphone covers and many others.
Our mission going forward is to be the reference in that area and to achieve that we value your feedback. We will be listening to your needs and your critics to make this brand better than we've ever imagined it could be.

No one can describe your life better than you and having personal mantras is key to be in the driver seat of your existence, mine is simple, fun and reflects my unbreakable optimism!

If Whiskey is Gaelic for water of life then i'm gonna be immortal for sure!

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